“Abstraction Masquerading as Landscape Painting”

Plein Air Workshop June 2012

Joellyn Duesberry’s Plein Air Workshop was comprised of 10 experienced students who painted outdoors in her Greenwood Village garden. The discoveries in oil paint made to her by painter Richard Diebenkorn in 1986. The workshop humbly honors painter Richard Diebenkorn and his instruction in 1986.  She attempts to reproduce highlights of her discomfort and fulfillment and the real growth she acquired with him as teacher.

Students to “stalk” a subject with geometric underpinnings in the landscape: a corner, a small grouping or color event, or an architectonic feature contiguous with land, plants, or vistas.

Group Workshops through ASLD or per day private instruction coordinated with the artist

Western Waters

The Madden Museum of Art will exhibit Western Waters by Colorado/New York artist Joellyn Duesberry from December 4, 2012 through January 19, 2013.  There will be an artist reception on Thursday December 6 from 5pm until 8pm.

6363 South Fiddlers Green Circle  Greenwood Village CO 80111  303.763.1970  Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm or by appointment

Chatfield Thaw Triptych 40″ x 120″ oil on linen

Monotype Collages

As the cold weather prevents plein air painting the artist moves to printmaking.

mon·o·type [mon-uh-tahyp] noun
1.the only print made from a metal or glass plate on which a picture is painted in oil color, printing ink, or the like.
2.the method of producing such a print.
3.Biology . the only type of its group, as a single species constituting a genus.

New monotype collages by Duesberry:

Strange Tree 17"x20" sheet size: 25"x27"

Gold Stripes 15" x 15" sheet size: 23.5" x 18.5"


Studio Visits

Joellyn Duesberry, Evening In The Bog, Acadia Natl. Park, Mount Desert, Maine, oil on linen, 48x36", 10/11

A retrospective of the work of artist Joellyn Duesberry ’66 illustrates why she is considered one of the best American landscape artists today. Now scheduling Studio visits for February 2012.

Joellyn Duesberry’s 50-year Retrospective from the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is now back in Denver. To see the collection of art at the artist’s studio please contact: Courtney Cotton: 720.289.9323  or courtney@joellynduesberry.com

In gathering the work for this important exhibition, the artist had to cease affiliations with her national and Denver galleries. Therefore these works are available less the customary gallery mark up, for friends and patrons of the artist, and for supporters of the artist’s recent 50-year survey, Elevated Perspective: the Paintings of Joellyn Duesberry.

2800 E. Willamette Ln. Greenwood Village CO 80121
Please find Willamette Ln. via S. Steele Street & Belleview Ave.

Smith College Feature

Joellyn Duesberry was just featured in Smith College Alumnae Spotlight.

The Landscape Comes to Life by Christina Barber-Just

Joellyn (Joly) Duesberry ’66’s 1995 oil painting Above Taos Valley, New Mexico couldn’t have found a better home than at Smith College, where Duesberry began developing her signature style by humbly copying the works of great masters. The painting, part of the Museum of Art’s permanent collection, is a subtle landscape showcasing the artist’s ability to bridge realism and abstract painting, with bold brushstrokes and geometric forms to reflect her bird’s-eye view of the valley below. It represents what she has now come to master herself–the art of the landscape…. read more